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Avast Antivirus Pro Mod APK 6.40.2 (Premium unlocked) Download - Friend.com.vn

Avast Antivirus Pro Mod APK 6.40.2 (Premium unlocked) Download

It’s important to keep your device safe. Especially from pesky viruses and attacks. This is why antivirus software apps are always going to be a necessity for your everyday life. Now is the time to download one of the best free antivirus apps available.

Avast Antivirus Pro Mobile Security guarantees protection against the likes of malware and other dangerous viruses. Now is the time to add this great Android protection app for your mobile device.

You will instantly receive any alerts regarding any infection of adware, spyware, malware, and other disturbances in you mobile. You can also keep your device secured from attacks to phish for your private information from emails, calls and website browsing. Additionally, you can turn on VPN to keep 100% privacy to your online browsing. Nobody should have the right to snoop on your personal life, searches, and other apps.


But, that’s not all. If you think it’s just about mobile security, you’re sadly mistaken. There are so many more benefits included with the application. Additional features of Avast premium security include:

  • Anti-Theft to prevent your information to be stolen.
  • Antivirus Engine to keep pesky intruders and attacks away from your Android.
  • Information from App Insights
  • Keep your applications secure with App Lock.
  • Make space with Junk Cleaner to rid of any unneeded garbage.
  • The Photo Vault will keep your photos secure.
  • Want you to secure your battery life? Use the Power Save
  • Privacy Permissions
  • Faster running speeds with the RAM Boost.
  • The main antivirus feature – Virus Cleaner.
  • VPN (AKA Virtual Private Network)
  • Protect your internet browsing with Web Shield.
  • Protect your connection and internet by using the Wi-Fi Security
  • Check out your internet speed with the Wi-Fi Speed Test.

Premium Avast Antivirus Pro Features

  • App Lock: Now, you can keep all of tour sensitive information and apps a secret. Lock them with a PIN code so only you can access them. Additionally, you can use a fingerprint scan or pattern to secure your private matters.
  • Avast Direct Support:You can directly contact Avast Pro to have any of your concerns answered in an instant.
  • Camera Trap:Has your phone been stolen? You can secretly snap a photo of whoever steals your mobile and catch them in an instant.
  • Last Known Location:Check your device’s last location before its battery died.
  • Remove Ads:Enjoy the app, ad free and with no interruptions, the way it should be experienced.
  • Sim Security:You can register your mobile device as “lost” whenever the SIM card is changed.

Additional Info

Here are a few extra details to note regarding the application.

  • Antivirus Engine:You can automatically scan for any harmful viruses or malware / spyware, Trojan etc… This offers 100% mobile protection by canning your web browsers, apps and any other suspicious activity.
  • App Insights:You can determine exactly how much time and data you spend with each app on your phone. This is perfect to organize and control your own activity.
  • Junk Cleaner: Instantly clean out unnecessary data, junk files, system caches, gallery thumbnails, installation files, and residual files to give you more space.
  • Power Save:Save your battery. With this option, you can reduce your mobile device’s battery usage and consumption. This is done by adjusting and optimizing all of your phones most hefty and energy draining conditions.
  • Web Shield: You can scan and completely block any infected links, Trojans, adware, and spyware directly from your mobile.
  • Wi-Fi Security: Another important note – you can check the security of public Wi-Fi networks. This will help you safely browse and access any personal info on your Android.

So, this is definitely an app you’ll want to consider if you want to keep your device safe. Make sure to get the Avast Antivirus Pro download now.

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