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How to use Jian Ying – Video Editor on iPhone

Jian Ying Video Editor – Trung Editor Video Editor in Chinese, this is an application that allows users to quickly edit the effects of the videos available in the application. This is an application that many Tik Tok users use because of its convenience, without having to go through too many complicated steps to get videos with beautiful effects.

You only need to do a few simple steps, you will have a video with effects that will definitely catch attention when sharing on social networks like Facebook, Tik Tok, Youtube, Instagram . To use the JianYing application on iOS, please follow the instructions below.

How to download and use Jian Ying on iOS

Step 1: First, download the Jian Ying application on your phone, then select Agree with the terms and privacy policy as shown below. Soon you will be redirected to the main interface of the Jian Ying application.

Here you will see a toolbar above, this bar contains separate programs including options to create separate videos with text, images with effects . There will be regular videos and videos for VIPs. You have to spend money to get it.

Step 2: Select the video and press the pink play button to preview, if you like, click the Edit button below. Switch to the editing interface, you will have two options: add words and add pictures, also only videos that you can only add one or the other.

Step 3: Allow Jian Ying Video Editor to access your Photos. Then select the photos you want to add to the video and click Finish .

Do the same with the rest of the boxes, if you want to add words, just click the letter T

Step 4: Write the content you want to have in the video, remember to note the number of characters allowed below. Here his is 0/15, then write your choice to agree below. Go to the main screen, click the button in the right corner to save the edited video.

Check out your video after editing, choose No. 1 if you want to save and choose No. 2 if you want to share always.

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So you have a video with beautiful editing effects without too much manipulation. In addition to the free effects videos, you will also have special effects videos than those that will cost.

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