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Sungjae and Joy’s relationship explored: Fans miss virtually married couple - Friend.com.vn

Sungjae and Joy’s relationship explored: Fans miss virtually married couple

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BTOB star Sungjae and Red Velvet‘s Joy have been reigning in the hearts of fans as one of the best on-screen K-pop couples. For the longest time, fans have speculated the ‘virtually married’ duo to be dating in real life as they flaunted their chemistry through social media posts.

Yook Sung-jae and Park Sooyoung (Joy), better known as the Bbyu couple, received the Best On-screen couple award from MBC in 2015 after their performance on the hit show, ‘We Got Married.’

Since then, Red Velvet fans have been swooning at the pair and how the two show mutual respect and admiration for each other despite being from the same industry.

But, on August 23rd, the Bbyu couple’s shippers got the biggest shock as media reports confirmed that Red Velvet’s Joy is dating P Nation star, Crush. The news led to Sungjae fans reminiscing the on-screen couple’s bond once again.

Sungjae and Joy (MBC YouTube)

Sungjae and Joy’s relationship explored

Joy and Sungjae became one of the youngest couples of K-pop to appear on TV when the idol duo signed up for the MBC series, ‘We Got married’. The pair got virtually married for the show.

After appearing on season 4 for the first time, the couple had a ‘street date’ where Sungjae enacted the role of a perfect boyfriend, pampering Joy all the way. They then moved together to their ‘new home’ and celebrated the virtual marriage ceremony in November 2015.

Sungjae and Joy’s ‘Marry You’ performance

Sungjae and Joy portrayed their on-screen romance through enacting various real-life couple scenarios. But, it was their stage presence that made fans fall harder for the couple.

The duo performed ‘Marry You’ on MBC Entertainment awards. The vocal harmony that the pair pulled off through the iconic Bruno Mars song shook fans. Here’s a look at that stunning performance.

Bbyu couple reunion

Since MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ and the couple’s teary goodbye, fans have craved the duo’s presence on shows again. Joy and Sungjae reappeared on a reality show titled ‘Sugar Man 2.’

Did Sungjae and Joy date in real life?

Red Velvet and BTOB fans were almost sure that Sungjae and Joy have been dating in real life as well. When asked if the couple met outside the show, Sungjae replied on ‘Sugar Man 2,’ that they were both very busy and could not meet up after ‘We Got Married’ wrapped up.

However, Red Velvet Joy fans have pointed out how the 24-year-old ‘Hello’ crooner gushed about the BTOB singer, calling him: ‘handsome but weird.’

Joy and Sungjae for MBC ‘We Got Married’ (MBC YouTube)

Heartbroken fans trend Sungjae’s name on Twitter

Mourning an end of an era of the famous duo, a fan wrote: “When we hoped Sungjae and Joy could be date in real life. But at least we have these real photos to always look back in case we miss them.”

A second fan added: Sungjae and Joy will forever remain as one of my favorite ship, “Joy and Crush dating” is one of my biggest heartbreak this 2021!”

A third fan summarized the fandom’s feeling writing: “Sungjae to joy: thankyou for everything, please be happy!”

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