ELSA Speak v6.4.5 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download for Android

Have you ever encountered a situation where a foreigner asks for directions in English, and you find it challenging to convey your opinion even though you have had decades of learning English? Many students only improve their grammar and vocabulary, but their speaking ability does not improve much in the learning process. Spending a lot of time learning other skills and ignoring speaking makes us gradually become self-conscious and ashamed to communicate in English. Therefore, people started looking for free English learning apps to help practice speaking and pronunciation better.

ELSA Speak

There is a saying that don’t expect too high on what’s free, but ELSA Speak: Learn to speak English well will help you to completely change that mindset. This is the best application in the world to help you learn to speak English fluently like a native speaker more effectively and efficiently. Let’s experience the utility of the application.

Discover your English speaking skills and score points

Would you ever be curious to know your English speaking and pronunciation skills and to what level you can improve yourself? Don’t worry because ELSA Speak: Learn to speak English well will help you test your proficiency with an entrance test designed by the world’s leading language experts. The job is quite simple. Just click on the level test, you will be directed to an examination of 13 English sentences. Your task is to read all of them in the recording section and wait to see what unique. The cool thing is that the app will record your reading and specifically analyze your pronunciation. You will know what percentage of native speakers you are and get a detailed report on your strengths and weaknesses in pronunciation. From there, the app will provide an exercise program that suits you best.

ELSA Speak

Personalized study program

It can be said that the fastest way to learn and absorb is through personalized exercises for you. ELSA Speak: Learn to speak English as a language tutor, it will design a separate learning route for you. The application will choose short and suitable lessons to help you improve your pronunciation so that you can speak like a native speaker. And in order to get the most out of this task, the application comes up with a well-programmed system. This system will be built specifically based on the three most basic levels: easy, medium, difficult.

ELSA Speak

Thanks to this system, users will quickly identify their abilities exactly to start the course that best suits them. In addition, in order to maximize support for different needs and purposes for users, the application has developed its own vast data treasure. This database will include 1600 lessons, along with more than 6000 different rich exercises. Most of them will be spread over 40 popular topics such as travel, food, entertainment, education, … for users to freely choose their learning content.

ELSA Speak

Correct pronunciation errors thoroughly

More than that, one of the most important goals that the application places on top are to improve the user’s English pronunciation. To do this, ELSA Speak: Learn to speak English well has introduced a lot of exciting features with a specific curriculum right inside the application. The first thing to say is the ability to recognize the user’s voice. With the correctly set voice recognition capability, the application can carefully listen to the user’s voice as well as intonation. From there, they will be compared and find out errors in your pronunciation compared to native speakers

ELSA Speak

After finding the error, the application will enthusiastically guide the user on how to operate from parts such as the tongue, mouth cavity to be able to pronounce the most accurately. After many different measures and regular checks, you will definitely feel a remarkable improvement through the smart scoring of the application.

ELSA Speak

Improve skills quickly with fun challenges

Coming with this application, you will be able to correctly improve and develop your pronunciation and communication skills. In addition, you will certainly not be bored when the application always organizes interesting online events and challenges. But sometimes because you are so busy that you may forget your class? ELSA Speak: Learn to speak English will also be a friend who will always remind you of the time. So what are you waiting for without installing and owning an excellent English learning app!

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