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Greenify MOD APK 4.7.8 Download (Unlocked) free for Android - Friend.com.vn

Greenify MOD APK 4.7.8 Download (Unlocked) free for Android

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For smartphone users, having multiple apps running at the same time can be really convenient, as you can easily switch between them while still effectively managing your work. But on the other hand, with all those heavy apps and background processes running at the same time, your devices are going to get slowed and lose their battery relatively quickly.

Hence, as the users, you might want to have a control app installed on your mobile devices, just to make sure that your devices are well-managed and their batteries are well-spent. And among the best apps out there, Android users can always trust in Greenify to provide them with proper app management.

Not only that the mobile application will prevent misbehaving apps from consuming your battery, but it’ll also preserve your battery from any unnecessary tasks. And while you’re working with other apps, Greenify will work toward maintaining smooth and satisfying experiences. Thus, allowing you to enjoy its interesting mobile app at its best.

Find out more about this interesting mobile app from Oasis Feng with our in-depth reviews.

What does it do?

If you ever find your phones or tablets running slow and laggy while their hardware is still perfectly capable of delivering smooth performances, then you know that it’s the problems with the apps that are currently installed on your devices. Either that some of them are misbehaving or you are having too many apps running at the same time, even the unnecessary ones.

To counter this, Greenify will provide its powerful tools for Android users to hibernate and prevent any laggy apps from disrupting their performances. And at the same time, the app will also help in reducing the battery consumption on your mobile devices. Thus, allowing you to work more consistent and comfortably with your devices.

And most importantly, the smart and flexible app will never put an alarm on your messaging, emails, or other important background processes. And if you want to, you can also change the blocking preferences in Greenify to prioritize the apps that you mostly use and neglect other unimportant ones. This should make sure that you can always make the most of the mobile app.


For those of you who are interested in this awesome mobile app from Oasis Feng, you can immediately make use of it, thanks to the free app on the Google Play Store. Feel free to have it installed on your mobile devices and start working with many available features. But if you want to enjoy the full app, then you’ll have to pay for certain in-app purchases.

And to make sure that Greenify can properly run on your Android devices, you’ll need to provide the app with certain access permissions, which are needed to have the app up and running. Simply accept all the given requests upon opening the app and you can start working with it. Plus, Greenify also requires Android users to run their devices at the latest firmware version, which will guarantee the app’s compatibility with your system.

Last but not least, Greenify can work in both root and non-root devices with some differences. That being said, you can now have Greenify working on improving any of your devices. And for more aggressive utilitizing, a root device will always make the jobs easier.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Simple and easy to use

With clean UI and accessible features, Android users in Greenify can immediately work with the mobile utility tool and completely setup their devices for maximum battery and performance. Simply open the app, select the options that you wish while reading their below instructions, you can scan the system to look for apps that you can hibernate.

Perform quick screen-off and automated hibernation

And for better app performance, Android users can choose to enable the quick-screen-off and automated hibernation option, which will allow them to comfortably work with Greenify. With these enabled, you can have the battery properly conserved, immediately after you use the phone and put it down. Thus, giving users better on screen time and boosting their experiences.

Control the account sync of apps

Also, sometimes, certain applications can perform their account sync tasks too frequently. This will drastically reduce the battery and performance of your devices, due to the consistent background tasks. Hence, Greenify will choose to minimize the sync process and only enable it when needed.

Check on app details and their behaviors

More importantly, Greenify will allow Android users to check on certain app details and allow them to supervise their apps in the very details. This also shows suspicious app behaviors that you might want to put a stop to. Now, you can get an in-depth report on how apps behave on your devices. Thus, allowing you to make the most of Greenify’s managing features.

Schedule your hibernation and battery saving operation

For those of you who are interested, you can also choose to customize the hibernation and battery saving operation on the system, which will provide better uses of the mobile app. Feel free to set your own schedule for optimizing the device’s performances and battery. This will make sure that your important apps aren’t touched while you’re needing them.

Customizations for hibernated apps

Plus, to make sure that Android users are completely satisfied with their mobile app, Greenify also offers its useful customizations, which you can adjust on any specific apps. Simply choose to keep your notifications on to enable useful notices from your apps or get rid of them completely. Prevent wake-up paths from actively turning on your hibernated apps or allow this process. Block app state abuse on your certain devices to better improve performances. Or even try to hibernate your system apps. Greenify will provide all the necessary options for Android users to work with.

Enjoy the unlocked app on our website

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the unlocked application of Greenify on our website without pay for any of its in-app purchases. As a result, you should be able to enjoy the mobile app at its best. Simply download and install the Greenify Mod APK, follow the provided instructions, and you can start making uses of its features.

Final verdicts

With simple and accessible features, along with the absolutely powerful in-app functions, Greenify should allow Android users to completely control their application and allow them to fully enjoy their mobile app. Plus, thanks to the free and unlocked app on our website, you should find yourself enjoying Greenify even more.

Originally posted 2021-08-30 07:31:06.

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