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Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is one of the best and most complete speaking and writing tools for developing students’ skills in exams and communication in English. The software is one of the best-selling English language learners and teachers in the world and has been used by more than 100 million users so far due to its clear explanations and reliable examples.

Features and facilities of Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary:

  • Preparing students for Ban exams and oral presentations
  • Develop a strategy for speaking English
  • Watch American, English and British movies, conversations and homework in exam style
  • Participate in the conversation
  • Record and listen to sound to assess your speaking skills
  • Study all verbs and root words
  • View more than 570,000 synonyms and antonyms
  • Find words with similar and opposite meanings
  • Make a list of your favorite words
  • The show’s history has been translated to see the last 100 words
  • Use 3000 keywords to learn important English words
  • Find information about English and American culture
  • Access to more than 95,000 additional sentences and examples
  • Listen to real English and American voices and pronounce examples
  • Use full dictionary search to find words in phrases and example sentences
  • Learn words in your natural text with more than 83000 prominent word sets

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required system

Operating system: Windows® 7 or Windows® 8Disk space: full installation approx. 4 GB hard diskSound: Windows-compatible sound card with headphones or speakersGraphics card with minimum VGA resolution


Alcohol Oxford

Installation guide

This version does not require crack, serial, registry, etc. Install and run and use.

Windows 10 User Guide:

Due to the obsolescence of the software, installing and running this program in Windows 10 with the latest installed updates is a bit complicated and difficult. To use this software in Windows 10, first download, install and run the Included version of DAEMON Tools Lite. After running, from the Drives section, select the Advanced Image Mount option, select the friend.com.vn file, set the Virtual Drive option to DT or SCSI, and mount. Then open the created drive and run the software by running the friend.com.vn file. All texts, photos and sounds can be played and viewed. To run iWriter and iSpeaker software, go to the folder of these two software on the DVD, then the bin folder and run the friend.com.vn or friend.com.vn file. The Resources and help sections are also available in the Help folder on the DVD.

download link

Download Section 1 – 1 GB

Download Section 2 – 1 GB

Download Section 3 – 1 GB

Download Section 4 – 87 MB

Download DAEMON Tools Lite Multilingual

File password (s): friend.com.vn


3.08 GB

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